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Looking for Casting Agencies in Johannesburg? If your child is really interested in the entertainment industry and you feel that the timing is right, you should make contact with a kids TV casting agency in Johannesburg such as Kids On Camera. However, parents should understand that it is of the utmost importance that your child is the one that wants to perform out of his own free will. There is a big difference between parents that support their child that wants to perform in this industry and parents that push their child into performing in the industry.

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Audition training for kids – casting agencies in Gauteng

As a reputable casting agency in Johannesburg, Gauteng, we also offer audition training for kids who need it. This is very beneficial and strongly advised if you want your child to make it in the entertainment industry. Going for audition training will give your child the self-confidence to make the best of their auditions. During the training sessions at this casting agency in Gauteng / Johannesburg, your child will learn the proper way to present themselves including best practices guidelines for auditions, how to prepare and what they can expect at the audition. Once your child is familiar with the process of an acting audition. The thought thereof won’t be so nerve-wrecking. Preparation is key to a good audition. If you would like more information about our audition training at this casting agent, contact Kids on Camera today for assistance. We guarantee that you will not regret helping your child prepare for their auditions once you see the benefits and advantages of these sessions.

The benefits of registering with casting agencies in Gauteng

If you’ve been in the entertainment industry for a while, you will probably agree that this is a very tough business with strong competition, and can take up hours of your time. The benefits of registering with a casting agency in Gauteng / Johannesburg like Kids on Camera, instead of doing everything yourself, includes:

  • Having our dedicated team on your side, you are guaranteed to be notified on any suitable auditions for your child. This will save you long hours on the phone and internet in search of suitable acting auditions for your child.
  • Production companies often approach casting agents in Johannesburg / Gauteng like Kids on Camera, as it is easier for them to browse through a database of readily available actors, making it easy to find a child that fits their requirements.
  • Registering with Kids on Camera will show that you and your child are taking their acting career seriously.
  • More acting auditions will come your way when registering with Kids on Camera, trusted casting agents in Johannesburg, that you would have gotten trying to do things on your own.

How to register with Kids on Camera

Registering with Kids on Camera, leading casting agency in Gauteng / Johannesburg, is easy. We have a once-off registration fee of R350, which includes all your portfolio photos. We will also need a copy of your birth certificate, and all registrations take place on Saturdays. Complete our online registration form to get started, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Our optional Audition Training course is only R200. Contact us today for more information.

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Looking for a Kids TV Casting Agency in Johannesburg? Call Kids on Camera

Thus before you or your child start to dream about becoming famous and making a lot of money, you first need to consider all of the above. A kids TV casting agency in Johannesburg can help to evaluate your child in order to see whether or not she/he will make an impact as a TV star.

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Advantages of using Kids on Camera as your casting agency

Kids on Camera have been in the entertainment industry for many years, during which we have gained extensive experience in the casting and acting business. Kids on Camera have assisted many children and even adults to get parts in various television shows, local and international movies as well as modelling opportunities for catalogues and adverts.

How kids on Camera can help you

Our main aim at Kids on Camera, is to get our clients as many suitable auditions as possible. We work closely together with production companies, as well as our clients in need of actors and actresses for specific roles. When you register with Kids on Camera, you / your child will be added to our database. This makes it easy to sift through talent for suitable candidates. You will be notified of all auditions if you fit the casting call description.

This makes is so much easier for our clients to find auditions they might be interested in, because Kids on Camera will do all the hard work for you! You will save on the time and effort it takes to find suitable audition. And at a very affordable once-off fee, it is also a cost-effective option!

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5 Tips to help get your child into acting

If you want to give your child a competitive advantage, or simply want to spark an interest in acting, there are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Let your child take part in school plays and drama classes - This is probably the first and most basic step to take. Almost every school has a drama class, or creates the opportunity for children to participate in acting in some form or another, whether it's a school play, drama classes, and even Eisteddfod. This will give them the opportunity to explore the acting world in an environment they feel comfortable in and among peers with the same interest.
  2. Enrol in a professional acting class - Although participating in the school's theatre and concerts is a great start, if your child wants to pursue more serious acting, it might not be enough to make them stand out. Find professional acting classes in your area that your child can attend, and encourage them to work hard to advance in the course. If you're having trouble finding good acting lessons in your area, you can also find a ton of useful information online. Kids on Camera is one of the leading casting agencies in Johannesburg that offers acting classes for kids, to help them take their acting to the next level.
  3. Inspire, don't force - It happens quite often that the parent wants the child to act, more than the child. It is important that the child shows an interest in acting, and finds it fun and exciting. Inspire the child to act by taking him / her to plays, and encourage them to take part in school plays and drama classes. Also know when to quit if they do not enjoy it and are fighting against it constantly.
  4. Register with a casting agency in Johannesburg - Kids on Camera is a trusted choice of casting agencies in Johannesburg, and have assisted many children to get parts in commercials, shows, soapies and even movies. Remember, the more auditions they take part in, the better. This increases their chances, and also helps them to grow more confident by getting to know how the process works.
  5. Be mindful of scams - Unfortunately we live in a world where crime is a daily reality, and fraudsters are grabbing every opportunity to scam people. Make sure that the casting agencies in Johannesburg you choose to register your child with, are reputable, credible and trustworthy.

Trust one of the top casting agencies in Johannesburg to help your child to get that role he or she deserves! Call Kids on Camera today, or simply complete our online registration form to get the registration process started. Registering with Kids on Camera is quick and affordable -  although we can't guarantee any roles or work, we will aim to make your investment worthwhile!

What Our Clients Say

I am very impressed with how fast your agency sourced auditions for my son Asante. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Lerato Rikhotso

Once again thank you, I really appreciate it is not long she registered with you but she started to work already. I'm positive that more work is coming for her and she really enjoys it.


Hi Natasha, just updating you about the audition you sent us to on Saturday for Oreo. It went well & hopefully will hear from them and thank you so much for the hard work you do.

Pule Mnikathi

This is Thato Rakhatoes mother, I saw the PQ catalogue with Thato in it. I am so happy and I want to thank you.

Palesa Rakhatoe

Morning Tash, thank u so much for landing me that job. It was an amazing experience getting to meet new people and interacting with them.

Claudia Manhique

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