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Whether you're an aspiring actor / actress or simply wish to do some part-time acting in commercials and adverts, Kids on Camera can help. Our team will help you to find more suitable acting auditions for adults in Johannesburg, saving you time and effort.

Kids on Camera is a leading casting agency for kids and adults, that have helped many new actors and actresses to land roles in commercials, television series and even movies. If you would like Kids on Camera to assist you to get more acting auditions for adults in Johannesburg, contact us today.

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The entertainment industry is extremely competitive, which is why it is advised that you take part in as many suitable auditions as possible. By registering yourself with Kids on Camera, you will increase your chances of being asked to auditions. The reason for this, is that production companies make use of casting agencies, like Kids o Camera, when in search of new talent or an individual with specific attributes. When the casting call is received, Kids on Camera will provide a database of available actors / actresses, and the production company will select candidates they would like to audition. Although Kids on Camera cannot guarantee any work, we will certainly do our best to get you acting auditions for adults in Johannesburg.

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Preparing for auditions with Kids on Camera

If you are new to the acting industry and not quite sure what to expect during your audition, Kids on Camera is the casting agency for you. We provide audition training classes to help our candidates prepare for auditions, which entails information on audition procedures, on-camera practice and some general industry tips and tricks. We guarantee that you will benefit from our audition training classes, and that you will feel more confident and self-assured when going for an audition. Contact Kids on Camera today if you are interested in getting more acting auditions for adults in Johannesburg.

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Remember, you're never too old to start acting! There are plenty of acting opportunities for adults, including roles in commercials, television shows, movies and presenting jobs. Production companies are ALWAYS scouting for new talent that the watchers will love.

Registering with Kids on Camera is quick and easy. Simply complete our online Registration Form, and we will contact you as soon as possible. A small registration fee will ensure that you are added to our database, so that you can be contacted for suitable acting auditions for adults in Johannesburg.

Frequently Asked Questions about the casting and acting industry:

Kids Casting Agency: Unleash Your Child's Potential with Acting Auditions in Johannesburg

Welcome to Kids on Camera, your trusted partner in nurturing young talent and opening doors to exciting opportunities in the world of acting. Delve into the world of acting auditions in Johannesburg, get valuable tips for aspiring child actors and learn about the significance of registering with a casting agent like Kids on Camera.
  1. Discovering the Magic of Acting Auditions: Acting auditions in Johannesburg offer a thrilling platforms that allow young performers to showcase their skills, express their creativity, and unleash their potential. Johannesburg, as a vibrant city brimming with artistic energy, offers numerous opportunities for budding child actors to take their first steps towards stardom.
  2. Tips for a Successful Audition: Preparing for acting auditions in Johannesburg can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Here are some valuable tips to help your child excel during their next audition:
  • Research the Role: Encourage your child to thoroughly understand the character they will be auditioning for. Study the script, learn about the story, and develop a deep understanding of the character's motivations and emotions.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Regular rehearsals are essential for honing acting skills. Encourage your child to practice the audition material repeatedly, focusing on perfecting their delivery, gestures, and expressions. This will give them more confidence when going to the acting auditions in Johannesburg.
  • Be Confident and Authentic: Remind your child to be themselves during the audition. Encourage them to embrace their unique qualities and bring their own interpretation to the character. Authenticity and confidence can set them apart from the crowd.
  • Dress Appropriately: Choosing the right outfit for acting auditions in Johannesburg can enhance your child's performance. Opt for comfortable clothing that reflects the character's personality, while avoiding distracting accessories.
  • Stay Positive and Gracious: Regardless of the outcome, it's crucial to maintain a positive attitude. Encourage your child to thank the casting team and to learn from each audition experience, as each one brings valuable lessons and growth opportunities.

Acting auditions in Johannesburg Acting auditions in Johannesburg

The Importance of Registering with a Casting Agent

Registering with a casting agent, such as Kids on Camera, can be a game-changer for young actors looking for acting auditions in Johannesburg. Here's why:
  • Access to Exclusive Opportunities: As a reputable casting agency in Johannesburg, we have an extensive network of industry professionals, directors, and producers. Registering with us grants your child access to exclusive auditions, casting calls, and potential roles in television, film, commercials, and theatre.
  • Expert Guidance and Support: Our experienced team provides personalised guidance and support throughout your child's acting journey. From refining their skills to improving their audition techniques, we are committed to nurturing their talent and helping them succeed.
  • Increased Visibility: Being represented by a casting agent increases your child's visibility in the industry. We actively promote our talented young actors to casting directors and production companies, maximising their chances of securing acting auditions in Johannesburg and landing coveted roles.
  • Professional Development: Our agency offers workshops, acting classes, and industry insights to help your child continually develop their craft. We provide valuable training that equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the competitive world of acting.

Get more acting auditions in Johannesburg with Kids on Camera

At Kids on Camera, we believe that every child possesses unique talent and potential waiting to be discovered. By following the tips mentioned above and partnering with a reputable casting agent, your child can embark on an exciting journey towards their dreams. Join us today, and together, let's unlock the extraordinary abilities that lie within every young actor in Johannesburg. Remember, the spotlight is waiting for your child at Kids on Camera. Let their talent shine! Contact us now to register for acting auditions in Johannesburg, and embark on an unforgettable acting adventure.

6 Questions about acting auditions in Johannesburg

  1. How can I find acting auditions in Johannesburg? To find acting auditions in Johannesburg, you can use online platforms dedicated to casting calls, such as casting websites, social media groups, and local production company websites. You can also connect with local casting directors, talent agencies, and join acting workshops or classes, as they often have information about upcoming auditions. These actions and methods are time consuming and can be very frustrating. Let Kids on Camera help you to get more acting auditions in Johannesburg by registering with us.
  2. What are some popular venues or organisations that hold acting auditions in Johannesburg? Johannesburg has several popular venues and organisations that hold acting auditions. Some notable ones include The Market Theatre, The Joburg Theatre, the South African State Theatre, and various film and television production companies in the city. Additionally, local casting agencies and talent management companies often organise auditions for their clients.
  3. Are there any specific requirements or qualifications for acting auditions in Johannesburg? The requirements and qualifications for acting auditions in Johannesburg can vary depending on the specific project or production. Generally, auditions may require actors to prepare monologues or scenes, demonstrate specific skills (e.g., singing, dancing, or dialects), or bring a headshot and resume. Some auditions may have age restrictions, while others may be open to all experience levels.
  4. What is the typical process for an acting audition in Johannesburg?The process for an acting audition in Johannesburg typically involves submitting your application or attending an open casting call. If selected, you will be given a specific date, time, and location for your audition. During the audition, you may be asked to perform a prepared monologue, read from a script, or participate in improvisation exercises. After the audition, the casting team will review the performances and contact successful candidates for call-backs or role offers.
  5. Are there any acting agencies in Johannesburg that can help me with auditions?Yes, there are several acting agencies in Johannesburg that can assist you with auditions. Kids on Camera is a leading casting agency for kids and adults, and have assisted numerous individuals to get roles in commercials, TV shows, movies and more. Our agency has connections with casting directors and production companies and can help you find auditions that match your skills and experience.
  6. Are there any annual acting events or festivals in Johannesburg that feature auditions?Yes, Johannesburg hosts several annual acting events and festivals that often include auditions or opportunities to showcase your talent. The National Arts Festival, held in Grahamstown, is a renowned arts festival that attracts performers, including actors, from across South Africa. Additionally, the Jozi Film Festival and the RapidLion Film Festival provide platforms for actors to connect with filmmakers and participate in auditions for film projects.

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