How to become an Actor / Actress in South Africa

How to become an Actor / Actress - Becoming an actor or actress in South Africa is not an easy feat! This is simply because the competition is so tough, with so much acting talent around. But this doesn't mean that you won't make it in the showbiz industry, it just means that you might have to work hard to get there.

Kids on Camera is a leading casting agency for kids in Johannesburg, helping kids and adults to become television stars, by guiding them through the process and helping them achieve their goals. Kids on Camera have helped a number of South African actors and actresses to get parts in soap operas & TV shows, local movies and even international movies!

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6 Tips on How to become an Actor / Actress in South Africa

There are a few thing you can do to kick start you acting career and to help you get noticed in the showbiz industry. We have put together a list of some of the steps you can take to help you become and actor / actress:

  1. Start local - Not all TV stars start off with landing roles in international movies, not even as extras. We do not always see the long and rock roads of these actors and actresses, and what it took to get there. A good place to start, is to attend local auditions for commercials, modelling catalogues, and local shows.
  2. Sign up for some acting and audition training classes - Polish you talents with a few acting classes. This will build your self-confidence, especially if you are new in the industry. Kids on Camera offer audition training classes for kids, to help young actors and actresses build confidence and get some valuable experience in the industry.
  3. Make it a career choice - If you're still young and acting is the only career that feels right, you can enrol to be educated in the different areas of show business. There are a number of acting schools and part time courses that will give you a firm foundation for you t start your acting career on.
  4. Work on your resume - Start compiling a resume with applicable education and training, experience and work. This ensures that you will ready to apply for work within the industry.
  5. Take professional profile photos - Take professional photographs to include in your resume. Directors always want a headshot of the applicants. Your physical appearance will play an important part in your acting career, and will help you to get more suitable auditions that fit your profile.
  6. Register with a reliable casting agency - Lastly, and most importantly, register with a trusted casting agency in the industry. This will help you to get more auditions that fit your profile. Kids on Camera have been in the casting business since 2000, giving us more than 20 years of experience in the industry! We have helped numerous individuals to get parts in commercials, TV shows, local movies and international movies.

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Let Kids on Camera teach you How to become an Actor / Actress in South Africa

Becoming an actor or actress in South Africa is an exciting journey filled with opportunities, challenges, and personal growth. While talent plays a crucial role in success, it's equally important to receive the right guidance and training to make your dreams a reality. Kids on Camera, a leadingcasting agency in Johannesburg, stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring actors and actresses by offering comprehensive training and unwavering support.

Here's how Kids on Camera can teach you the ropes of How to become an actor / actress in South Africa:

  1. Professional Training: Kids on Camera provides access to professional training and workshops that cover the essentials of acting. These programmes equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry, from script analysis and character development to on-camera techniques.
  2. Industry Insights: With an extensive network of industry professionals, Kids on Camera ensures that you receive guidance from seasoned experts. Our connections with casting directors, producers, and established actors create opportunities for you to attend exclusive auditions and casting calls.
  3. Diverse Casting Opportunities: Whether you're a child, teenager, or adult, Kids on Camera offers casting opportunities for all ages. From commercials and TV series to films and voiceovers, you can choose projects that align with your interests and skills.
  4. Supportive Community: The journey to stardom can be challenging, but Kids on Camera provides a nurturing and inclusive community for our members. By networking with fellow actors and benefiting from the agency's guidance, you'll find a strong support system to lean on.
  5. Proven Success: With a remarkable track record of helping individuals break into the industry and secure roles in various projects, Kids on Camera has become a trusted partner for aspiring actors and actresses in South Africa.

In a dynamic and competitive entertainment industry like South Africa's, Kids on Camera offers the necessary tools and resources to help you stand out and shine. Let us be your guide on the path to becoming a successful actor or actress, and watch your dreams unfold on the big screen. Your journey to stardom starts here! Contact Kids on Camera today to find out How to become an actor / actress in South Africa!

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