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Whether your child is an extrovert or an introvert, all of them have a dream of one day being rich and famous. With television and movies being such a large part of children's? lives nowadays, it should come as no surprise that they want to be the child on the other side of the TV and/or movie screen. The role child entertainers such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Zach Efron play in your child wanting to have a kids acting career should not be underestimated. Being the envy of millions of other children around the world is something that inspires children to be the next TV or movie star.

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In order for your child to have a successful kids acting career, they should first become part of a kids casting agency such as Kids On Camera. Whether your child was discovered by kids scouting agents or if you as parent enrolled your child at a kids casting agency, fact of the matter is that she/he are able to begin his/her kids acting career. Kids On Camera will school your child in the discipline of acting so as to enable our clients to use him/her in a specific role, be it in television or movies. However, something that your child should fully understand from the beginning is the fact that fame achieved through a kids acting career will not simply fall in his/her lap. Hard work coupled with dedication and perseverance is important characteristics your child must have in order to make an impact in the entertainment industry. At Kids On Camera, we will teach your child this.

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If your child realizes the importance of the above characteristics, she/he will have a very successful kids acting career. It might even happen that a kids acting career leads to an adult acting career. This will only be possible if your child excels as a child actor and keeps his/her name clean by building up a good reputation. It has been seen many times in Hollywood that a bright kids acting career can be destroyed by means of making the wrong choices. A successful kid acting career requires of your child to be able to cope with fame. It is your job as parent to keep your child's feet firmly grounded and not let money and fame go to his/her head. Chances are that a successful kids acting career will enable your child to be seen by the best casting directors in the business and in turn be featured in popular TV series or movies.

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I am very impressed with how fast your agency sourced auditions for my son Asante. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Lerato Rikhotso

Once again thank you, I really appreciate it is not long she registered with you but she started to work already. I'm positive that more work is coming for her and she really enjoys it.


Hi Natasha, just updating you about the audition you sent us to on Saturday for Oreo. It went well & hopefully will hear from them and thank you so much for the hard work you do.

Pule Mnikathi

This is Thato Rakhatoes mother, I saw the PQ catalogue with Thato in it. I am so happy and I want to thank you.

Palesa Rakhatoe

Morning Tash, thank u so much for landing me that job. It was an amazing experience getting to meet new people and interacting with them.

Claudia Manhique

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