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Looking for kids movie auditions for your talented child? The entertainment industry can be quite intimidating for your child, especially if s/he does not have any experience and is new to all that the business has to offer. If you as the parent are also unfamiliar with the world of show business, it is good to know that a kids acting agency such as Kids On Camera can be relied upon when starting out.

Movie auditions in general is a nerve wracking experience; thus the more so kids movie auditions for your child. Unfortunately, auditions are an essential part of being an actor. Your child has to go through kids movie auditions in order to become the big movie star s/he was always destined to be.

Signing up your child at a kids acting agency like Kids On Camera instantly means that s/he has a better chance of getting more kids movie auditions. This can be attributed to the fact that we at Kids On Camera has a sound understanding of how casting directors go about selecting children for specific movie roles.

In order to start the auditioning process, Kids On Camera will submit a photo and resume on behalf of your child. If the casting director likes what he sees, chances are that he will contact us who in turn will phone you and your child. You should note that most kids movie auditions are by invitation only.

Preparing the script for Kids Movie Auditions

As soon as your child is supplied with a part of a script, s/he should read through it a couple of times in order to have a good understanding regarding the character s/he is supposed to portray at the kids movie audition. Part of the preparation is to do some research regarding the character that your child will be portraying.

Question the age of the character, where the character is from, traits and personality of the character, and what the character’s role is within the movie. Only after doing this will your child most likely have a better understanding of the script supplied. Wearing the right clothes and being confident and in the right frame of mind is some other important aspects relating to kids movie auditions.

During the kids movie audition, your child should be prepared for anything. While some casting directors will get right down to business, others will ask your child a few questions about either himself/herself or about the movie or just about acting in general. It is expected of your child to answer in a professional manner.

Your child will only get one chance to make a first impression. The performance during the kids movie audition should speak to the casting director and make him believe that your child is by far the best possible candidate for the role. If this was in actual fact the case, your child will either be invited back again for a second kids movie audition or receive the great news that s/he got the movie role.

Tips for kids movie auditions – Make your child stand out during his / her next movie audition

Training for kids movie audition with Kids on Camera

When you register your child with Kids on Camera, leading kids casting agency, you will aslo have the option of bringing your child to audition training sessions. Your child will be taught how to act, what to say and all the other do’s and don’ts during his or her kids movie auditions. Your child will be more prepared when going for kids movie audition, when they know what to expect.

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Print Media (kids auditions in Johannesburg):

Telkom; MTN; Cell C; Coca-Cola; Pepsi; Sunlight; Dettol; Laughing Cow Cheese; Edgars; Jet; Pep

TV Productions (kids movie auditions in Johannesburg):

Egoli; Binnelanders; The Coconuts; SA’s Got Talent; Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader; Stander; Invictus

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